Attorney III

State Bar of California

State Bar of California

Los Angeles, CA

Position Summary
We seek an attorney with a positive attitude and growth mindset to join our small team. The CSF Attorney III provides technical leadership and project management of a significant part of the overall legal functions of the Fund. We are looking for an applicant with strategic thinking and vision who is adaptable and resilient and can develop into a thought leader in the Bar’s consumer protection functions. The ideal applicant will also have experience with investigating and analyzing complex legal matters and strong written and oral presentation skills. This is not a litigation or advocacy position but involves applying facts to the law and concluding whether to grant or deny an application. It requires a commitment to public protection and a desire to assist those who may have been a victim of attorney theft. The CSF attorney must provide excellent customer service to applicants, respondents, State Bar officials and employees, and the general public regarding all Client Security Fund functions.

Duties and Responsibilities
Provide comprehensive substantive and procedural legal counsel and advice to the Client Security Fund and Client Security Fund Commission.
Exercise sound judgment and prioritize and manage a substantial volume of complex cases efficiently, effectively, and with accuracy.
Obtain, review, analyze, and synthesize evidence relevant to CSF applications and decisions, including drafting informal discovery requests, correspondence, and subpoenas.
Apply the CSF rules to the evidence, afford due process to the parties, and prepare concise, cogent, and accurate written decisions containing factual findings and legal conclusions whether to grant or deny reimbursement to applicants. Written decisions must be refined and ready for service with minimal supervisorial editing.
Prepare and present orally multiple decisions with detailed information about all aspects of each case to the CSF Commission at any given Commission meeting and provide the Commission with advice concerning the legal effect of rules and regulations, proposed legislative measures, statutory law, court decisions, and administrative actions.
Cooperatively and courteously interact with stakeholders and other entities and occasionally anxious or upset individuals.
Work closely with the Office of General Counsel in connection with CSF litigation and collections matters, provide information to law enforcement and other outside agencies (including Legislative officials and the California State Auditor), prepare and present State Bar Board of Trustee agenda items, and assist in drafting of reports, proposed rule changes, and proposed legislative measures.
Work independently and appropriately identify and raise issues that may affect CSF and CSF Commission operations and cases, including policy issues requiring decision by management.
Train, guide, coordinate, and direct the work of subordinate CSF staff.
In collaboration with leadership, critically evaluate processes, identify areas for improvement, and, where appropriate, lead improvement efforts.
Identify, access, and consider data to assist with case processing, inform annual budget needs, recognize important trends, and overall understand the functioning and health of the program.
Demonstrate a commitment to the mission of the Fund, be willing to personally handle any issue or task that may arise no matter how minor or substantial, and provide excellent customer service to applicants, respondents, State Bar officials and employees, and the general public regarding all aspects of Client Security Fund functions.

Skills and Competencies
Knowledge of:
Substantive knowledge of law, rules, decisions, practices, and procedures of the State Bar, California Supreme Court, State Bar Court, and California Legislature.
Substantive knowledge of effective investigation techniques, case management, and presentation of matters to administrative bodies.
Scope and character of federal and California statutory law and provisions of the federal and California constitutions.
Rules of evidence and conduct of proceedings in trial and appellate courts in California.
Rules and procedures related to public hearings.
Principles of effective work coordination and strong case/project management.
Advanced analytical skills.
Principles of effective time management.
Principles of oral advocacy.
Strong writing and oral communication skills.
Advanced legal research and preparation of reports, briefs opinions, and pleadings.
Principles of conflict resolution.
Knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the practice of law in the State of California.

Ability to:
Receive and relay detailed information through verbal and written communications.
Conduct legal research using computer technology and traditional library resources.
Work under the pressure of short deadlines.
Effectively address conflict.
Review and analyze complex written documents.
Obtain and present material in oral and/or written form.

Qualifications and Prior Experience:
Education: Successful completion of a Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited law school.

Minimum of four (4) years of progressively more responsible experience in litigation and/or legal advice work demonstrating the knowledge and skills necessary for this position.
Demonstrated verifiable reputation for integrity and no history of disciplinary offenses as an attorney or in any other capacity.

Applicants who meet the Minimum Qualifications will be required to successfully complete the State Bar’s selection process for this classification.

License, Certificate, and Registration Requirements:
Must be an active member, in good standing, in the State Bar of California.

How to Apply
Please apply here.

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