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Think about what you bring to the table. Everyone is unique, including you, and you bring your own perspectives and skills. Embrace those instead of following someone else’s example.

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Stephanie Roberts

CMCP Ambassadors Council proudly announces Stephanie Roberts as its newly elected Vice-Chair, recognizing her dynamic commitment to advancing diversity and professional development for attorneys of color in California.

Based in Los Angeles, Stephanie is a seasoned Senior Counsel with expertise in litigation, specializing in real estate disputes, business matters, and employment law.

Her commitment to legal excellence and advocacy for inclusivity in the profession, demonstrated through her active involvement in organizations like CMCP, makes her an invaluable asset to the council and the broader legal community.

What inspired you to become involved with CMCP and how has your role as an ambassador impacted your professional journey thus far?

I was inspired to join CMCP by the wealth of attorneys of color and allies all focused on the goals of promoting diversity in the legal profession by providing access to opportunities for business development, which is critical to the career advancement of attorneys of color. Indeed, CMCP has played a significant role in my own career trajectory. My involvement on the Annual Business Conference Planning Committee and the CMCP Ambassadors Council -- and now as Co-Chair of the Ambassadors Council -- has provided me with many opportunities for business and professional development that aided me in my recent promotion from associate to partner.

What are you most proud of with your CMCP involvement or as an attorney, in general?

I am very proud of the deep and valuable connections and friendships I have made through CMCP while doing the important work of connecting attorneys of color and promoting DEI efforts in the legal profession.

What initially drew you to specialize in real estate litigation?

I was drawn to specialize in real estate litigation because I really enjoy the attention to detail and creativity it requires. It is also very exciting to see the impacts of my litigation efforts in the real world. I have handled cases impacting the use and development of real property all across the state -- even directly in my own neighborhood of Windsor Hills/View Park.

Is it important for you to volunteer for any cause(s), if so, which ones and why?

I believe it is very important to volunteer time to educational causes given the significant educational disparities in this country. Personally, I enjoy volunteering my time to various mentoring programs targeted at law school students or K-12 students. There are numerous educational challenges that contribute to the lack of diversity in law (and in other professions) so I believe it is critical to make time be a resource to students and provide opportunities to learn about various options for their futures.

With involvement in big law firms and community organizations like CMCP, how do you bridge corporate legal work with promoting diversity and inclusion in the profession?

Bridging the gap between my law firm, Allen Matkins LLP, and community organizations that prioritize DEI efforts has been seamless, in part, due to my firm's strong commitment to DEI. Allen Matkins is a strong supporter of CMCP and numerous organizations that promote DEI efforts in the legal and real estate professions. Allen Matkins also supports its attorneys of color internally through affinity groups; constantly supporting our engagement in activities, conferences, and organizations that aid in business and professional development; and elevating attorneys of color to partnership and key roles in management. I am proud of Allen Matkins commitment to DEI and thrilled to have found a firm that believes in and supports promoting DEI in the legal profession. It actually taught me to value my time. Why does someone else think my time is more valuable than I do? Because I have to think critically about how I spend (and bill) my time at work, it taught me to think critically about how I spend my time in other areas of my life.

Reflecting on your journey as an attorney, what advice would you offer aspiring litigators?

Be confident, believe in yourself, and take calculated professional risks as they are critical for your professional development and career advancement. These risks will also build resilience and further boost your confidence in yourself and your legal abilities.

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