Corporate Connections

Corporate Connections is a signature CMCP business networking opportunity for in-house attorneys (1-to-2) to meet with outside counsel (1-to-2) for intensive 20-minute interviews to establish or strengthen a long-term business relationship.

How Do I Participate in Corporate Connections?


Law Firm Attorneys:

Law Firm attorneys must be employed by a CMCP member law firm, or join CMCP as an Individual with membership dues paid before the close of program registration. To confirm your membership status, visit

CMCP assigns Corporate Connections interviews based on a law firm (not an individual attorney.) 

Corporate Connections is intended as a forum for making connections with attorneys of color from law firms. While attorneys of all races are welcome to attend, presenters must be able to discuss the capabilities of the firm’s attorneys, including attorneys of color.

Each law firm is responsible for designating the individual(s) or team to attend scheduled interviews. Each attorney who attends interviews must be registered for general program registration. Attorneys representing the firm should be well prepared and able to discuss concisely their firm’s capabilities, including the backgrounds of attorneys of color, in the designated practice areas. 

In-House Counsel:

CMCP member organizations (companies and public agency legal departments) and Non-Member Companies and Public Agencies may participate in Corporate Connections. Attorneys must complete the program registration before the Corporate Connections registration deadline. Additionally, CMCP must expressly confirm availability and interviews in the in-house attorneys’ selected practice areas. For more information, email

Every attorney who attends Corporate Connections interviews must be registered for the program. Attorneys representing the firm should be well prepared and able to discuss concisely the relevant practice area. Interviewers generally expect to meet with attorneys of color with expertise in the designated interview practice areas.


CMCP understands there may be companies, public agencies, or law firms with which an organization cannot meet due to conflicts or other reasons.

For more information, email