CMCP Membership Types and Dues

CMCP’s network is comprised of attorneys of color from corporate and public agency legal departments, Big Law, small and minority-owned law firms, and service providers from across California. Our members access unparalleled opportunities to connect with peers and prospective business partners in one community that fosters long-term, meaningful relationship-building.

Membership TypeAnnual Dues
Corporation 51+ attorneys$5,000
Corporation 11 – 50 attorneys$3,500
Corporation 1 – 10 attorneys$1,000
Public Agency$1,500
Individual at Public Agency Legal Department$250
Individual at Corporate Legal Department$250
Law Firm 151+ attorneys$6,000
Law Firm 51 – 150 attorneys$4,500
Law Firm 11 – 50 attorneys$3,000
Law Firm 2 – 10 attorneys$1000
Law Firm – Solo Practitioner$500
Individual – at Law Firm (maximum 2 per firm)$500
SERVICE PROVIDER2 (litigation services, consultants, vendors, etc.)
Service Provider 151 + Providers$6,000
Service Provider 51-150 Providers$4,500
Service Provider 11-50 Providers$3,000
Service Provider 2-10 Providers$1,000
Service Provider Solo$500
  1. Effective January 2020, dues for law firms are determined by the number of attorneys. Membership dues for law firms with 1-10 attorneys are $1,000.
  2. Dues for service providers are determined by the number of professionals (recruiters, consultants, mediators or other non-administrative staff.)