Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) FAQ's

How do I get CA MCLE credit for CMCP CLE webinar sessions?

As of April 2020, participants are required to submit the CA MCLE Official Record of Attendance for each CMCP CLE session.

Note: In-person CMCP CLE sessions held prior to April 2020 required sign-in on-site.

How do I get a Certificate of Attendance?

Download the CA MCLE Certificate of Attendance for your records.

Where do I get CA MCLE Written Materials?

Download substantive written materials for MCLE sessions 1 credit hour or more here.

Note: Written materials are not required if the MCLE session is less than 1 credit hour.

Where can I find MCLE Evaluation Forms?

For each session, complete an Activity Evaluation Form for California MCLE.

Is MCLE credit offered for watching a recording of a CMCP webinar at a later date?

No, CMCP does not offer Self-Study credit. CMCP online MCLE sessions must be viewed “live” to qualify for Participatory credit.

Are non-California attorneys eligible for CA MCLE credit for CMCP CLE sessions?

CMCP is a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider. Non-California attorneys will need to comply with non-California state CLE reporting requirements.

Do you have an additional MCLE question?

Please email CMCP MCLE Administrator @