Ambassador Qualifications:

All Ambassadors must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of four years of law practice, including practice as an in-house lawyer, as an outside counsel, or as a judicial law clerk.

  • Law firm non-partner or in-house non-manager at the time selected as an Ambassador or a law firm partner or in-house manager in the first two (2) years of partnership or in-house management.

  • A demonstrated record of promoting diversity in the legal profession.

  • A demonstrated record of interest and commitment to CMCP as a primary diversity organization.

  • In-House counsel must practice in a CMCP-member organization.

  • Outside counsel must practice in a CMCP-member law firm.

Ambassador Terms:

  • Ambassador terms are two (2) years, beginning in April at the annual CMCPAC in-person meeting.

Application Timing and Form:

  • All applicants for the CMCPAC must submit a completed, signed CMCP Application during the Application Period (October through January each year).

  • The Application Period for 2022 is from November 17, 2022 – January 31, 2023.

  • For additional Information about the CMCPAC, contact Malavika Lobo, the CMCPAC Appointments Committee Chair.

Based on input from Ambassadors, including gathering input from an online survey, Ambassadors are required to do the following to keep their membership in good standing:

  1. Attend the CMCPAC Spring Meeting

  2. Attend the CMCPAC In-Person Meeting at the CMCP Annual Business Conference

  3. Attend at least one telephone-only Council Meeting

  4. Attend the Annual Business Conference

  5. Plan at least one CMCPAC Event/Program per year

  6. Attend at least one non-conference CMCPAC event

Although not required, Ambassadors are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Have each Ambassador’s organization sponsor the Conference

  2. Bring colleagues to the Annual Conference

  3. Bring new member prospects to Annual Business Conference

  4. Bring colleagues to a non-conference CMCPAC event

  5. Bring new member prospects to a non-conference CMCPAC event

  6. Have your organization sponsor or host a non-conference CMCPAC event

  7. Attend events of other diversity organizations where CMCP is a sponsor/honoree

  8. Solicit new CMCP member organizations

  9. Serve on a speaker panel, or secure a speaker, for a CMCPAC event

  10. Promote CMCP to other organizations

  11. Participate on a formal or ad-hoc CMCPAC committee

CMCP Ambassadors Council Application