Affinity Marketing Opportunities

CMCP is pleased to consider requests to promote mutually beneficial marketing opportunities with bar associations and non-profits that support our mission for the advancement of business attorneys of color across California. 

To determine eligible content for affinity promotion, CMCP will consider the following: 

  • Aligns with mission to support business attorneys of color in California. 
  • Priority consideration given to active CMCP members (member org or referral by an individual member) 
  • Benefit(s) to a significant cohort of CMCP members (for ex. an event for women of color) 
  • Content relevance, format, and accessibility 
  • Scheduling, in deference to CMCP programming
  • Potential for cross-promotion (reciprocity) 
  • No fees for services (discounts to CMCP members acceptable) 

CMCP will review each request and respond, accordingly. Consent to promote will be acknowledged in writing and the promotional channels targeted will be at the discretion of CMCP. 


CMCP is honored to recognize and share the success of attorneys of color in our member organizations. 

  • Active CMCP member/organization 
  • Announcements of promotions of attorneys of color  
  • Diversity achievements/honors for attorneys of color 
  • Scheduling, in deference to CMCP programming 

Announcements must be submitted using the CMCP form. 

Other news may be emailed directly to the Marketing and Communications Director. 

CMCP will review each request and respond, accordingly. Consent to promote will be acknowledged in writing, scheduled at the earliest convenience, with the promotional channels targeted at the discretion of CMCP. NOTE: Recurring recognition of CMCP members/organizations may be controlled to offer recognition to as many CMCP members as possible. 

CMCP is pleased to recognize member organizations such as law firms or corporate legal departments for a record of success in diversity initiatives through its signature awards and honors conferred during the CMCP Annual Business Conference.