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Primary Practice Areas

Click here to see all the practice areas currently available for selection in CMCP’s Minority Lawyer Locator. Use this as a guide for completing both law firm and minority attorney profiles.

CMCP Member Organizations and Individual Attorneys

Law Firm Members

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Minority Attorneys at CMCP Member Organizations

To create your Lawyer Locator attorney profile, you must first Register and Sign In to the CMCP site. Ask the primary CMCP Contact at your organization for a Lawyer Locator invitation.

To locate the name of your primary CMCP Contact, visit our member list and click on your organization’s name. He/she will be listed under “Primary Contact Info”.

Call or email your primary CMCP Contact person and request a CMCP Lawyer Locator invitation. If your primary CMCP contact is not available, click here to request a CMCP Lawyer Locator Invitation directly from CMCP.

To update your Lawyer Locator attorney profile, Click Here.