Tides is a nonprofit and philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing social justice. We work across the social sector to shift power to leaders, communities of color, and other historically excluded groups who face systemic barriers. Applying our equity-centered lens and leveraging our vast network of changemakers, we work to strengthen the impact of our partners by offering services like fiscal sponsorship, donor advised funds, impact investing, and grantmaking. For more information, please visit www.tides.org.

Position Summary
The Legal Counsel is a member of a dynamic Legal, Risk and Compliance (LRC) Team that supports a diverse array of legal matters for Tides and its employees, partners, reputation, and assets. Under the supervision of the Senior Director, Legal, Risk and Compliance (LRC Director), Legal Counsel will manage, advise on, and create or improve processes primarily related to Tides Foundation, including to support Tides’ compliance program, and with some associated work related to Tides Network and Tides Center. Focus areas will include tax laws and regulations governing charitable exempt organizations, partnerships between nonprofits and for-profit corporations, and grantmaking to 501c3 and 501c4 organizations.

Legal Counsel must be able to think proactively and creatively, provide strategic legal advice and consultation, work cross-departmentally, support and manage projects and initiatives, including staff trainings, and be committed to supporting Tides’ charitable mission. Legal Counsel is an exempt position.  Exempt employees are expected to work the appropriate and necessary time to complete key assignments and related tasks on schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Advise on Legal Matters
  • Support several Tides Foundation teams regarding grant-making, partnerships between Tides and for-profit corporations, and Tides’ consulting relationships with nonprofit and for-profit partners to ensure legally compliant frameworks mitigating risk for all and achieving desired outcomes.
  • Advise staff and partners on legal requirements and legal risk related to Tides Foundation grant-making from Donor Advised Funds and other types of sponsored funds, using independent knowledge, legal research, and, as needed, outside counsel. Ensure activities of sponsored funds are consistent with Tides’ exempt purposes and that Tides exercises appropriate control and discretion over assets.
  • Participate in vetting new partnerships and Tides initiatives to identify, investigate, and help resolve legal issues.
  • Advise on legal requirements and risk related to Tides Foundation fundraising and gift acceptance practices, including partnership in charitable sales promotions and acceptance of complex securities contributions.
  • Advise on consulting relationships in which Tides provides services to nonprofit or for-profit partners.
  • Respond to inquiries from Tides staff and partners concerning legal and risk issues across Tides Foundation activities.
  • In partnership with LRC’s Compliance staff, track risk and compliance inquiries/issues, recommend solutions, and escalate issues as appropriate.
  • Support review, negotiation and drafting of contracts as required.
  • Stay up to date regarding latest legal trends impacting Tides’ business and operations, and provide strategic advice to protect Tides’ charitable mission, partners, and staff.
  • Research and analyze specific legal questions and prepare memoranda as requested by LRC Director or Chief Legal Officer.
  • Review and revise, as needed, Tides’ legal documents, template documents, legal policies and procedures, and operational policies.

Investment Support

Potentially conduct legal due diligence and ensure compliance with policies and procedures related to mission-related investments, in collaboration with LRC and Tides’ investments staff.

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Assist LRC Compliance staff with developing accessible tools to support Tides’ compliance program, including internal and external policies and procedures, and oversight of programs.
  • Issue spot, investigate and evaluate the legal implications of compliance issues and recommend operational changes or alternative policies and procedures.

Staff Training

Develop and deliver trainings for Tides staff on relevant legal topics relevant, including internal policies and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Assist in updating, creating, and leading new training sessions and offer solutions to help staff achieve desired outcomes.

Department Support

  • Support legal team education / management of resources.

Continue individual continuing education to ensure that Tides remains compliant with respect to changing areas of the law.

Other duties as assigned by LRC Director or Chief Legal Officer.

Skills and Competencies

  • Holds self and others accountable for high-quality, timely, and effective results.
  • Adapts easily to working with a variety of stakeholders and to the varying needs of the organization, while maintaining a strong voice for legal compliance.
  • Strong ability to cooperate and work collaboratively toward solutions that generally benefit all involved parties.
  • Exercises excellent judgment in handling confidential information and other potentially sensitive matters.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with ability to understand and communicate accurately and effectively with different stakeholders in different fields of expertise.
  • Commitment to Tides’ Vision, Mission, and Approach.
  • Maintains high-level and consistent work ethic.
  • Proficiency with Salesforce and MS Office suite of products.

Qualification and Prior Experience

  • Juris Doctor and CA Law License required.
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in nonprofit tax law required.
  • Experience in tax law highly preferred. Experience in corporate law, state fundraising laws, contracts and transactional law, and securities / mission-related investing preferred. Substantially equivalent relevant work experience may be considered.

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