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JAMS is the largest private Alternative Dispute Resolution provider in the world. With its prestigious panel of neutrals, JAMS specializes in mediating and arbitrating complex, multi-party, business/commercial cases – those in which the choice of neutral is crucial.

Position Summary :

The Diversity Program Manager (DPM) is responsible for managing the day to day efforts that flow from the JAMS Diversity Plan and cultivating future opportunities. That plan is focused on achieving quantifiable progress in areas such as recruiting, practice growth and client selection of diverse neutrals for Mediations, Arbitrations, and other Alternative Dispute Resolution roles. The DPM has the ability to relate to others and strives to understand and build deeper connected relationships with colleagues, Panelists and external clients. In addition, the DPM is expected to ensure successful execution of the strategies outlined in that plan as well as contribute fresh ideas to advance this area forward from both a Company and industry perspective. Based on the foregoing, the DPM will frequently act as the “face of JAMS” at diversity-related industry events.

Job Competencies :

Contact Database Management
Maintains existing database of professionals who either hold diversity positions at law firms/companies, or who advance diversity within their profession, or are ideal targets of strategic outreach; facilitates contact information obtained by associates and/or panelists and enters it into the Company diversity database; updates the diversity database periodically and works with internal stakeholders on email and/or direct mail campaigns

Events Database Management
Maintains an existing database of diversity-themed events hosted by national and local bar associations, etc.; researches relevant legal industry conferences along with sponsorship and speaking slot opportunities; periodically updates event information and sends updated versions to CMO for review and analysis

Industry Monitoring
Stays abreast of domestic and international activity related to Legal Industry Diversity and forwards relevant information to appropriate stakeholders; monitors diversity-related activity among other ADR providers and shares same with JAMS CMO and Diversity Committee

Outreach Effort Coordination
Engages in direct strategic communication and outreach with bar organizations, inside-counsel, and law firms to increase awareness of JAMS diversity efforts; identifies business opportunities and attends local and national events to represent JAMS; builds relationships with business partners and potential panel recruits; assembles and oversees distribution of “spotlight” e-campaigns featuring existing JAMS neutrals; proactively identifies opportunities for strategic
articles, blog posts, and social media placement; works with the Marketing Department to develop needed communication materials including collateral, ads, direct mail, etc.

Managerial Support
Assists CMO, CLOO and other members of the JAMS Senior Management Team with research, including in relation to prospect recruitment; schedules monthly Diversity Committee calls and assists with committee action items; assists with logistics and planning of diversity-related events such as conferences, panelist events, training, etc.; partners with internal resources to ensure the Company website and other digital channels (e.g. diversity site on Company intranet portal) are up to date with relevant content; presents clients/prospects with relevant information concerning diversity inclusion efforts; manages the Company diversity budget and ensures invoices are paid, etc.; works with CMO and others to develop success measures (e.g. internal metrics, surveys, etc.) and shares progress against these measures on an annual basis

Panel Support
Maintains current statistics and lists related to diversity among the JAMS panel; ensures panelists and associates are kept up to date regarding JAMS diversity efforts

Project Support
Implements processes to track diverse neutral selection for clients; monitors and reports on the use of JAMS Inclusion Rider; implements strategies to increase the use of JAMS Inclusion Rider Clause in contracts; assists in development and management of JAMS “Fellows Program”

Other Projects
Is available for any other projects designated by their manager

Has a strong understanding of the needs and behaviors associated with diversity in professional services; possess the ability to identify and propose innovative ways to enhance clients’ experience

Has an understanding of the legal and ADR industries, including dispute resolution processes and terminology

Client Service
Has the ability to anticipate, recognize and meet clients’ needs

Interpersonal Skills
Has strong interpersonal skills and an ability to build rapport with clients, panelists, and colleagues; has an intuitive sense of other’s feelings and perspectives; shows an active interest in other’s concerns and objectives

Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, and sends clear, convincing messages that are understood by others; in addition, the DPM is self-motivated and has a strong work ethic and the ability to network and work well under pressure

Adaptability & Innovation
Has the ability to maintain a sense of flexibility in handling change; the DPM is open to novel ideas, approaches, and new information

Has computer literacy and proficiency in all software programs required for the position

Possess excellent ability to organize, prioritize, focus, pay attention and manage multiple responsibilities and tasks in a quick-paced environment

Qualifications and Prior Experience :

A Bachelor’s Degree is required; advanced degree in a related field is preferred
Experience with program management and development
At least 5 years of professional work experience; diversity experience is preferred, will consider candidates who do not have the diversity-related experience, but have legal experience


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